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                  Company dinner feeling

                  文章来源:eva工具包 人气:2190发表时间:2020-03-18

                  Today's Saturday company dinner day, to welcome the winter solstice and to give colleagues a birthday. So organize everyone to dinner to play hot pot, we are very active wash the dishes. Company dinner is to give everyone to unzip, the second is to let everyone communicate each other's happiness, enhance the cohesion of the entire company. (The first time in the company hot pot or a little excited, happy is to taste the boss Wu sister's craft, really delicious!!! )

                  After the hot pot, we also specially prepared a birthday surprise for the new employee. Birthday will be at the beginning, we served the early prepared cake, the end of the life star sitting in front of the cake, other colleagues gathered around the side to sing the English version of happy birthday song, accompanied by the song, the life star silently made a wish, we are happy to blend into this warm atmosphere. A song, everyone excitedly raised their hands, wish the life star a happy birthday. Shouxing will also cut the cake to the colleagues present, let everyone feel the warm joy.

                  Before dinner also to the operation of the small handsome guy to prepare a mysterious little gift, is everyone to give him a rose, dinner time in our laughter spent, after dinner can also be run handsome man's birthday cake to eat, here wish our operation of the little handsome guy happy birthday!

                  This dinner activities let us relax the mood, enhance our understanding and communication, harmonious relations between each other, really feel the company's care, enhance our sense of belonging, greatly stimulate our work enthusiasm, so that we more proactive into the work to go

                  // 久久综合五月